Motivation for failure

Hello everyone ,

We all have our own dreams. Think it as a mountain . By hook or crook , you have to climb . If you fall in the middle of your journey , don’t be sad that you have failed in that. You got an experience of it. So that , work on that experience and climb again , you will definitely get your success.

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Hello youngsters , every one will have there own dreams or aims to be achieved . And most of the times we fail to achieve those . At that time , many people around us point out us as a FAILURE. We lose our strength over there , but we shouldn’t.

Whenever we fail to achieve anything, we shouldn’t express our feeling through our face , that is , by crying, by being sad , or by showing that we are depressed.

We should express our feelings by working hard and we should make the people point out us , not as a FAILURE, but as an ACHIEVER .